Can You Imagine How Life Would Be
If You Were….

Less troubled by issues?

Less upset by the behaviour of others?

And if you did react to other people’s words or actions, wouldn’t life be sooooo much easier if you knew….

How to bring yourself back to peace?

How to unravel the lesson that life is trying to teach you?

Now isn’t that something worth learning about???

Join us and gain more insights, a deeper personal understanding and the tools you need to bring greater ease and joy to your life.
We are a training facility, teaching truly transformative principles to our students.
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can you get viagra over the counterCourses for Personal Awareness

Exploring these teachings for your own benefit

Are you looking for personal insight and growth?
Really wanting to transform the way you feel about yourself, your relationship to others, life, love and the Universe?

What we offer is a deeper understanding about life and the events that occur along the way. You will learn how and why problems and struggle occurs, discover ways to see and resolve issues from a more Holistic perspective.

Gain confidence with new tools and understanding.

Uncover fresh insights into relationships, learn how and why you attract certain people into your life and discover the life lessons they are here to teach you.

Also if you find you have reacted to someone’s actions or words, learn ways to bring yourself back to peace.

Join our next online Foundation course to shed light on your life, with training that inspires, enlightens, explains and empowers.

Discover how to love life again &
still be your true self!

Professional Training Courses

Exploring these teachings to assist others

Are you wanting to make a difference in other people’s lives?
To help them see that life doesn’t always need to be such a struggle or conflict?
Teach tools and techniques which empower people to find a more peaceful way of coping with life’s ups and downs?

Would you like the inner satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone unlock an old troublesome issue and see it from a completely new perspective? And helped them reclaim a sense of their authentic self?

Metaphysics can be a rewarding vocation, it is a recognised Holistic Counselling therapy (established over 20 years).  The School of Metaphysics offers training courses which can lead to professional qualifications enabling you to set up in private practice as an Ata lends support to circulating igg4 levels only being used as an accompanying diagnostic marker to imaging, histology and clinical presentation. In particular, this may help in differentiating between aip and pancreatic carcinoma. Pmid: 21287719 [pubmed - indexed for medline] mesh terms, substances, supplementary concepts mesh terms adult aged aged, 80 and over autoimmune diseases/diagnosis* autoimmune diseases/immunology* biological markers/blood cholangitis, sclerosing/diagnosis cholangitis, sclerosing/immunology diagnosis, differential female great britain humans immunoglobulin g/blood* male middle aged pancreatic neoplasms/diagnosis pancreatic neoplasms/immunology pancreatitis/diagnosis* pancreatitis/immunology* retrospective studies substances biological markers immunoglobulin g supplementary concepts primary sclerosing cholangitis linkout - more resources full text sources lippincott williams & wilkins ovid technologies, inc. Medical autoimmune diseases - medlineplus health information pancreatitis - medlineplus health information miscellaneous swets information services supplemental content save items add to favorites loading related citations in pubmed igg4-related sclerosing lymphoplasmacytic pancreatitis and cholangitis mimicking carcinoma of pancreas and klatskin tumour. [anz j surg. 2008] igg4-related sclerosing lymphoplasmacytic pancreatitis and cholangitis mimicking carcinoma of pancreas and klatskin tumour. Cheung mt, lo il. Anz j surg. 2008 apr; 78(4):252-6. Review usefulness of serum igg4 in the diagnosis and follow up of autoimmune pancreatitis: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis. [j gastroenterol hepatol. 2009] review usefulness of serum igg4 in the diagnosis and follow up of autoimmune pancreatitis: a systematic literature review and meta-analysis. Morselli-labate am, pezzilli r. J gastroenterol hepatol. 2009 jan; 24(1):15-36. Epub 2008 dec 2. viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra generic viagra online cheap viagra online cheapest generic viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy viagra online cheap pills viagra Review autoimmune pancreatitis and igg4-related sclerosing cholangitis. [curr opin rheumatol. 2011] review autoimmune pancreatitis and igg4-related sclerosing cholangitis. Takuma k, kamisawa t, igarashi y. Curr opin rheumatol. 2011 jan; 23(1):80-7. Serum igg4 levels and extrapancreatic lesions in autoimmune pancreatitis. [eur j gastroenterol hepatol. 2... ] serum igg4. MSEC Metaphysical Counsellor or Facilitator.

This training route and accompanying qualifications are recognised by the MSEC (Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness) and ICNM (Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine).

What previous students have said about our courses…

“One of the most transformational courses you can come across….you will never see life or others from the same perspective you had before…things that used to upset you now don’t….
This course is the best gift you can give to yourself.”
“The course has exceeded expectations and given me so much, in particular a greater sense of peace and understanding.”
“One of the best investments I have ever made,was to study this (Foundation) course.”
“A life-changing course, ideal for those who want more peace in their life or to understand why our fellow humans behave the way they do”
“I am far less reactive and my whole family have benefited since I studied Metaphysics.”

“The best course I have EVER studied…..
and I’ve done a lot !!!”

It would be wonderful to share these teachings with YOU too

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